Will You Pass a Blood Test for Marijuana?

Let’s say you are picked to participate in a random Blood Testing for Marijuana in your university or workplace. You thought, “I have been consistently smoking pot for days or months now. Will I pass the test?”

The answer would be up to you. In order for you to answer yes, you have to do a few things. The hardest test to pass ever is a Drug Test. You cannot guess it out just like what you do during school exams. And worse, you cannot study it. However, if there’s a will, there’s a way. There is always a workaround.

Piss it out.

It’s very simple. Drink a lot of water and change your THC contained body fluids with new fresh clean water by pissing it all out. The more water you intake, the more likely you will secrete it out. So keep on pissing

Sort to diuretics.

Select drugstores sell these pills for drug test. All you have to do is take one of this an hour or two before the schedule drug extraction. You may ask for the brand Lasix, a furosemide to cleanse your system off.

Hit the gym.

Match your water therapy with excessive rigid physical exercise to burn out and wring your fats off and eventually clean out your system with THC traces via heavy sweating. Pretty soon, Marijuana is off your blood.

Purchase a THC detox drink.

This is the fastest and the easiest way known to clear off THC hash in the body. Draining out a bottle of this medically advanced manufactured drink will sweep off your blood so only the legit cells are left during extraction.

Dilute your blood.

Purchase a pill which will dilute your blood temporarily producing very thick or very thin blood sample so THC will not be visible. Though this is the least advised among all detox regimen, you can give it a try provided it will be your last.