What Shampoo Should I Use to Pass a Drug Test?

Passing hair drug test can be a great challenge regardless of the method, as long as the one who’s supposed to undergo testing had been regularly using drugs. Any toxins or metabolites stay in the human system, and it will be detected when any specimen is checked at the drug lab. Specimens can be blood, urine, saliva, or hair follicle. It just so happen that people always have a way of getting their way out of every mess they engaged themselves in. For a hair follicle drug test for instance, there shampoo detox that can easily cleanse specimens for a 100% drug-free results. Below are some of the highly suggested drug detox shampoos:

Get Clean Shampoo

This piece rapidly clears off all drug toxins which made the drug traces impossible to detect during DT. Simply apply the shampoo and let it stay in your hair for 30 minutes. Repeat the process until all contents of the bottle are used up. After you rinse, you’re as clear as crystal.

Ultra Cleanse Detox Shampoo

This detox mixture is specifically made for drug users, and unlike any other drug detox shampoos, these strips the scalp off of any toxins 24 hours after use. This is used by applying to the hair, combing out the excess, blow-dry, and use have the option to use gels for the hairstyle.

Hair Detox Value Pack

This type of hair detox is the one that masks the drug metabolites in the scalp. It works like a conditioner. This is simply used by applying it to hair as if a regular shampoo and rinsed off right after. This is the easiest of all detox shampoos to use.

These mixtures remove or masks off drug toxins temporarily. Although, this will resolve your Drug Test issue which can be hanging over your head and worries you too much you might get “positive,” this is not supposed to be used regularly as this can likely harm the natural growth of your hair, or it may have side effects on your scalp. Staying away from drugs is still the best solution available.