Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal is the hardest thing to do according to those who have done it. It takes a lot of strength, courage, determination, and support from loved ones to do it and to continue doing so. The road to recovery is never easy, but some are smart enough to do it and has never regretted doing so. As expected, the first phase is always the hardest, so, here are a few symptoms you have to watch out for when you are withdrawing from marijuana.

Withdrawal symptoms you may experience:


People who stop smoking pot may have bouts of anxiety. An increase in the blood pressure and heart rate are the common signs. So, beware of these symptoms and consult a doctor.


The sleeplessness can last for a few days. So, they might need extra help in sleeping when they find it difficult to do so.


Some nightmares that have been experienced by users were more vivid, almost lifelike. Usually, the dreams revolve around using the drug. This may also be a reason why they have difficulty in sleeping; they are afraid of the nightmares recurring.

Craving for weed

This is understandable since your body has been used to smoking it on a regular basis and stopping it would make your body crave for it. You have to be firm in your resolve to stop using it. Otherwise, you’ll be going back to the old habit again.

These are just some of the side effects you may experience when withdrawing from the drug. Others may experience one symptom while some may experience more. There are ways to prevent oneself from experiencing these effects, and it is by using detox kits for passing a drug test. They naturally cleanse the body without the unwanted side effects. There are many solutions that modern medicine has already provided us, but the best one yet is never to use weed in your lifetime.