How to Detox Blood from Marijuana?

Blood screening tests are less common than urine screening tests for marijuana, but this varies according to the policies of the employer, with this being method being used primarily for post-accident testing.

There are countless home remedies on the internet that promise to detox marijuana from your system in order to pass a drug screen done via a blood sample, but do any of these methods actually work?

Method One: Abstaining

Blood tests for marijuana differ greatly in detection times than urine screenings, with the window of detection for less frequent users being around twelve to twenty-four hours, and the window of detection is a week or more for regular users. One of the methods discussed frequently, given this much shorter detection time, is simply not using marijuana for a couple of days for less frequent users, and somewhere between a week to two weeks for regular users.

The methodology is simple enough – you simply stop marijuana use until after the test – and would seem to be a fairly practical solution; however, there are a couple of drawbacks to this method. One, the detection times are not set in stone and can vary among individuals depending on the amount consumed metabolism rates, and body mass index.

Two, blood testing is normally done in a post-accident setting where the laboratory is specifically looking for the recent use. That being said, it then becomes impossible to utilize this method since you aren’t going to know when or if you’ll ever be called for this specific type of testing.

Method Two: Fruit Pectin

Fruit Pectin (sold commercially under brand names like Sure-Jell) is a naturally occurring fiber found in fruit that’s used in baking and commercial processing as a thickener. This ingredient comes up quite a bit in home remedies for urine drug screening for marijuana, but can also be found as a home remedy for those having to undergo a blood screening for marijuana. The thought process is that since fruit pectin is a fiber, it is going to increase bowel movements and therefore speed up the process of elimination of marijuana.

While it is true that some 65% of marijuana is excreted through the bowels, it is incorrect to assume that you are detoxing yourself simply by increasing the number of bowel movements. Marijuana has to be metabolized by your body, it’s not as simple as consumption followed by excretion. The increased rate of defecation does not directly correlate to increased metabolism of marijuana.

Method Three: Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program

The Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program is an all-natural method that will detox your body in preparation for a marijuana blood screening, as well as screenings for a variety of other substances. This method not detectable by laboratory testing, and is a safe and reliable alternative to methods that have little or no scientific basis. In addition, it boasts a one hundred percent customer satisfaction rating.