How Much Urine is Needed for Drug Test?

Your workplace may ask you for a drug test from time to time, or maybe just before they hire you. You will be asked to provide at least 45 milliliters of a urine sample to be analyzed. Here are tips to consider before and during the drug test.

Drink plenty of water.

Those who don’t drink plenty of water have a tough time to deliver enough amount of urine. Drink plenty of water before you go to sleep on the night before the test. Usually, the staff does not take your first pee of the day which is in the morning. So drink plenty of water again, a few hours before the test.

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Water cleanses your body; so if you have taken drugs before the test, drink plenty of water. This dilutes the urine concentration and indirectly flushes the drugs out of your system. The next tip is related to this one and is just as important.

Urinate more frequently.

This completes the “flushing” process. Drug metabolites build up in the body during sleep, so you don’t want to give your first pee as the sample. Also, the amount of drug metabolites is highest during the first few drops of your urine. If you can, pee a little amount on the bowl before collecting the sample.

More flushing.

It is advised to take diuretics which stimulates urination. An example of diuretics is coffee. Consider also to take in multi-vitamins, sports drinks, fresh fruits and vegetables, and tea. They also do a great job in flushing your system internally.

These tips will help you produce enough amount of urine with the least amount of drug metabolites as possible for your test. Read more about passing urine screen.