How To Fail A Drug Test Without Doing Drugs

Drugs tests are some of the ways being used to catch people who are using drugs. These tests do vary from saliva, test to even hair and they test for prescription as well as illegal drugs like opioids, cocaine, alcohol, PCP, marijuana, benzodiazepines and amphetamines.

Although this does not happen every day, a drug test when administered can show a presence of illegal or prescription drugs even though you haven’t taken any. There are certain meds and foods out there like cough suppressants and bagels that have traces of drugs on them that can make you fail a drug test.

Let’s have a look at a few ways you can actually fail a drug test without doing any drugs.

Drinking some coca tea

If you want to get a false positive result for cocaine on your drug test, drinking coca tea will certainly lead to that. Made straight from the leaves of the coca plant, the tea is very common in the South American countries like Mexico and Colombia.

These are the same countries that export a lot of cocaine to the United States of America. In a study that was conducted way back in 2006, 5 people were given coca tea to drink and a drug test was performed on them 2 hours later.

After drinking the tea, a drug test found traces of cocaine on them meaning if you want to fail your drug test, drink some coca tea.

Drink some cold medicine

There are plenty of cold medications out there you can buy over the counter that will lead to a false positive test. Meds such as antihistamine contain an ingredient called brompheniramine which helps treat colds, however; it is known to interfere with a test for meth meaning you can fail a meth test without even taking the drug.

Levomethamphetamine is an ingredient which is found in Vick’s inhaler and if you look at the name closely, it is almost an identical to the drug methamphetamine. Inhaling Vicks can lead to a false positive drug test, however, many drug labs out there have found new ways to tell the two apart.

Being around people smoking cannabis (second-hand smoking)

In many cases, just sharing a room with a person who is smoking a joint even if you don’t smoke it as well as lead to a positive result for weed.

A research that was conducted in 2015, 6 people who didn’t smoke weed were put in a room with 6 other people who smoked weed. An hour later, a test on the non-smokers was administered and the tested positive for traces of THC.

What this means is if you have a drug test coming up and you are in a room full of marijuana smokers, chances of getting THC molecules into your system are very high and you can fail your screening test.

Taking antibiotics

There are a few antibiotics out there like fluoroquinolones and rifampin that can lead to false positives tests for opiates. Rifampin is known to interfere with drug tests and just like the points above; you can also fail your drug test by taking antibiotics.

Using baby soap

Some of the soaps that are used in hospitals to wash babies as soon as a mother gives birth can lead to a positive test of cannabis.

According to many health workers in a study conducted in 2012, babies that were washed with soaps like CVS Night-Time Baby Bath, Johnson & Johnson’s Head to Toe Baby Wash, Aveeno Soothing Relief Cream Wash, J & J Bedtime and Aveeno Wash Shampoo showed traces of THC in their urine when screened for drugs.

If you use baby soap on yourself with a drug test around the corners, chances of the tester finding THC molecules in your system are very high.

Taking Ibuprofen

This list has already highlighted two medications you can take that can make you fail a drug test and the third to join the list is Ibuprofen which many people take to relieve pain.

It can lead to a false positive test on so many drugs and in a study that was conducted consisting of 60 people in 1990 set out to prove that is the case. These 60 people were given the drug at different doses (three 200mg doses, a single dose of 400mg per day or three 400mg per day) for the experiment.

When tests were done on the participants, some showed traces of barbiturates in their system while others tested positive for marijuana components.

Drinking some tonic water

As crazy as it may sound but drinking tonic water can lead to a false drug test because it contains quinine. This is a drug which is used in many countries to treat malaria.

In Rhode Island at Brown University, tests were conducted in 1989 and they showed traces of quinine in a urine sample that was provided by the participants. If you mix your favorite drink with tonic waters, you can fail a screening test.

Taking HIV medications

Meds that are given to people to keep the HIV virus under control can lead to a marijuana positive test. Take the study that was conducted on 24 people in 2006 for example, it uncovered that people who took efavirenz had traces of THC molecules in their system when a drug test was administered.

The researchers concluded that efavirenz did, in fact, interfere with the drug screening.

Taking poppy seeds

Codeine and morphine are some of the ingredients found in poppy seeds and when taken, can spark a false positive test for the drugs mentioned above. A study was conducted in 1987 where 5 people baked cookies containing poppy seeds they bought from the local store.

A couple of hours later after eating a few cookies, traces of opiates with a concentration of more than 300ng/mL were found in their system.