Death of marijuana: is it possible?

For many people, marijuana seems to be very safe. But is it possible to get any dangerous consequences up to lethal because of its use? Let’s try to figure it out in details. This is an issue not discussed widely enough.

Why do people believe in the death of marijuana?

Drugs are fundamentally different in their effects. Some are strong and powerful, causing almost instant dependency and extremely harmful side effects. Others are relatively weak, causing not so strong impact to worry about this.

All drugs are greatly equated, although they also have their graduation. Many of prohibited substances are less detrimental than alcohol, which almost everyone may buy. If something is less harmful, it does not signify it would not give any very negative side effects.

What are the marijuana effects?

To understand if pot can kill you, let’s find out all the effects of its user. After using weed, what happens to you? First, you get the satisfaction, happy, balanced, dreamy state. Then your heartbeat is amplified, the coordination is deteriorated. With frequent weed use, the social disorientation begins to develop gradually. You get a certain toxic effect on the body and then organism poisoning.

Weed has many side effects on health:

  1. Somatic effects – heart rate increasing, blood pressure decreasing, dry mouth, bloodshot eyes, increased pressure inside the eye, wet or cold hands/feet, muscle relaxation.
  2. Psychoactive – euphoria, changes in sensations, agitation, anxiety, depression and drowsiness, short-term memory loss, nostalgia, paranoia, problems in thinking, loss of coordination, etc.
  3. Neurological – blocking processes associated with memory formation, leading to mental disorders.

Long-term effects

  • On the heart – heart rate increasing by 50%. Because of poor blood supply and lower blood pressure pot smokers can fell a chest pain;
  • On the lungs – weed smoke contains even more carcinogenic hydrocarbons (more than 4000), than cigarette smoke. This promotes an increased risk of developing chronic obstructive bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer, the appearance of various respiratory diseases.
  • On the brain – because of pot smoking people suffer from memory loss, schizophrenia (weed smokers have this decrease in 6 times more often than non-smokers).

Is it possible to die of marijuana?

Can pot kill you? The answer is – in theory, yes, it can, but it is unlikely. Only a few cases were reported, where people have died of the weed use. But here’s the problem – death came not only of this herb but from the fact that it could strengthen the various problems and pathologies, which people already had. These people had problems with the heart and blood vessels.

Marijuana may also superimpose on the use of other negative substances. For example, often it turned out that dead people were inveterate alcoholics, or they used other stronger drugs, which destroyed the body, causing its very severe poisoning. Pot does not kill a person, but it finishes him off more actively along with other substances.

Some statistic facts

The estimated lethal dose of tetrahydrocannabinol (a main active ingredient in marijuana) is 15 – 70 grams (much more than the most avid smoker may consume per day). During the period when permitted legal tablets killed about 10,000 people for a common cause of poisoning, there was no one died because of the pot using for the same period.

Studies have shown that weed smoking raises the heart rate, reduces the blood ability to carry oxygen, increases the heart attack risks. But these facts are common for everyday activities. As pointed out by the National Institute of Drug Abuse US, these risks may be enlarged among people with heart disease.

So these data suggest people with severe heart disease be approached with caution for weed use. They in any way do not refute the scientific evidence accumulated over decades that marijuana is safe for millions.

Indirect deaths

Death of pot smoking can occur directly only with a very low probability, but it does not negate the fact that it may indirectly lead to death in a very simple way. The most widespread case is the use of harder drugs. Marijuana is an excellent bridge to move on for something more serious and heavy, more dangerous and harmful drugs, including heroin, cocaine, and so on.

Not very strong and pleasant marijuana causes the habit formation to smoke something. It is rather difficult to get rid of the alike habit, which pushes to the smoking of other things, even if it is just tobacco. In a word, weed using is not really good for human health in any way.


The simple fact is the following: marijuana cannot kill you. In the pot era madness, the government has spent millions of dollars on national ad campaigns giving information that marijuana leads to death, deprives people of understanding and makes them kill friends and relatives in the bloodthirsty insanity.

Governments are trying to convince the public that illicit drugs pose a huge risk for each customer and society as a whole. But here’s the thing: pot smoking in 114 times is less dangerous than alcohol. Researchers have even calculated if you smoke pot on a regular basis, your personal risk of dying a premature death is 114 times smaller than if you regularly drink alcoholic beverages.